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Production process
detail of digitally printed car air freshener

The print process generally used is FULL COLOUR DIGITAL
This allows us to reproduce images in much greater detail than screen printing would ever allow.

When printing onto absorbent board that is then soaked in a fragrance it can be a challenge to achieve the desired end result. Over the years we have learnt a great deal. Screen printing was the traditional method of printing and usually gives great results - more akin to the magic tree type of air freshener. However using this process it was sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to achieve the quality of print the client, and ourselves, expected and wanted on certain designs.

The demands of creating a promotional and marketing product that contains more intricate information, greater detail and finer images led us to adopt full colour digital printing. The new digital printing process now offers the capability to successfully reproduce all these designs in glorious, detailed full colour.

We can now print in WHITE too. This might sound strange but generally speaking in the past the print process used for printing onto air freshener board assumed that as with paper, the board was bright white. Therefore a white ink/pigment was not used. However air freshener board is not bright white; it is slightly off white. Therefore the areas left unprinted were not bright white. Often this was accepted as part of the limitation of the product; but sometimes due to certain designs we had to find a way around this, which we did. However it was never easy.

Now WHITE ink is a standard part of the digital print process resulting in a much brighter and vibrant finish.

Both sides of the freshener can be printed the same or not, at no additional cost.

Design and artwork
car air freshener artwork sheet for Zurich Insurance

As regards the artwork for your printed car air freshener there are no hard and fast rules.
Ideally the design should be digitally created as vector artwork saved as an EPS or Illustrator (AI) file or as an editable pdf document (PDF).
If you wish to generate the design from a bitmap file such as a jpeg or a tiff or want to include a photographic image please ensure that the resolution is high enough to ensure good print quality.
If you have any doubts about your artwork please email us with what artwork you have and we can advise.

No design or artwork?
Car air freshener artwork sheet for Forgeway

We are more than happy to assist in the design of your car air freshener so please do not hesitate to talk with us and / or email through the design idea or sketch that you have.
We can create the design for you at very little or perhaps even no cost.

Both sides of the freshener can be printed the same or not - both in terms of design and colours used at no additional cost. Once the design has been created we always email a digital proof for your final approval prior to production.


We treat each car air freshener as a a unique design.

bespoke shaped car air freshener - a breath of fresh air

There are no templates you must stick to. This allows you the freedom to invent your own shape. The car air freshener is cut from a rectangular board measuring 90 x 75 millimeters. Any shape can be cut although there is a limit to how intricate the cutter can cut. If your design is much thinner than 75mm, it could be a little taller. For example 100mm x 50mm

We have several standard stock shapes that you may wish to utilise such as a square, rectangle, circle, generic car. Using one of these shapes will speed up the production lead time so if you have a particularly tight deadline this is an option

Choice of elastic cord or plastic hanger

The traditional method of hanging the air freshener is with elasticated cord. This is still the most popular method. However we can also supply them with the newer plastic hanger. Both are available in a range of colours. On large volumes the plastic hanger is a slightly more economical option.

Our air fresheners are individually packaged in a barrier coated film which prevents any loss of scent. This film has outstanding physical properties and has many advantages over other plastic products preventing loss of scent and ensuring the best and lightest presentation. Each bag incorporates a health and advice message as standard. The air fresheners are supplied bulk packed in cartons.
Header Cards - Optional Extra

To add to the presentation and for the purposes of retail merchandising header cards can be manufactured and printed to your specification and attached to the freshener.

These are quoted for separately on sight of artwork.

Knauf header card design for promotional car air freshener

Zurich Insurance  header card design for promotional car air freshener

JF header card design for promotional car air freshener
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